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  • Old Hobart Town Model Village, Richmond

    Attractions: Richmond

    Old Hobart Town is a unique multi award winning model village depicting life in Hobart as it was in the 1820s. Individually handcrafted with passion by Andrew and John Quick over a three year period, the 1:16 scale authentic model village has been reconstructed from the city's original plans as well as original plans for many of the buildings, to give a unique and accurate glimpse into the tough life of Australia's convict past. As visitors walk the streets of old Hobart, the informative signage really captures interest and makes for a unique and fascinating tour.

    There are photos of today's scenes in Hobart within the model making comparisons easy, and there is a game for the children to play - it keeps adults amused as well.

    In all this incredible piece of art consists of over sixty replica model buildings, five to six hundred period figurines, convicts, gentlemen and even ladies of the night, over one hundred native myrtle bonsai trees and covers approximately two tennis courts. It encapsulates Sullivan's Cove, Hunter Island, the Hobart Rivulet and main city centre.

    There is a game to play to find four figures hidden in the town - an adult Tasmanian Tiger with a cub, a boy falling out of a tree, a man skinning a kangaroo and a lady hitting a snake with a stick as the snake was about to attack her! Soo there is plenty to keep the kid's interest while they walk through the town. There are also many amusing things happening in the town to add extra interest and enjoyment to it all  one man has stepped in a slop bucket, a cart has lost a wheel, there's a cheeky couple in the back of a hay wagon. Translations are available in Chinese, Japanese, French and German.

    A unique attraction that is not to be missed, Old Hobart Town is conveniently situated in the main street of the historic village of Richmond.

    Where Is it?: Old Hobart Town Model Villasge, 21A Bridge St, Richmond, Tasmania

    Phone: (03) 6260 2502