How Eezefind Can Work For You

        Eezefind is far more than just Tasmania's most comprehensive online guide for travellers and locals - Eezefind incorporates four regional guides, putting Tasmania - and your business - at their fingertips. With just two taps, users can place a web app on the home screen of just about any smart phone or tablet (Android, Apple; Windows, Blackberry). The web app downloads direct from the home page without users having to visit an app store.

        Full colour DL Display Cards containing the website address and QR code to download free to a mobile device are distributed to visitors to Tasmania disembarking the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport via the 'welcome' bag which is offered to all cars.

        Eezefind's layout makes it easy for travellers and locals to find you. Your editorial style advertisement is featured in the information about your region and locality. Your page gives visual and spoken directions to your business premises from wherever they are in Tasmania.

        Upgrade to Eezefind Plus and have your own personalised Eezefind travel guide app to give to your customers.

        Eezefind Plus Website

        We take your Eezefind travel guide app, add a 6-photo slider, three additional pages, web hosting and your own domain name and it is now both an app and a fully functional website. It even puts your own custom-designed icon on the user's home screen when they download your app.


        Tassiemade is a unique website that details a wide range of uniquely Tasmanian products and services. Paid listings include a photograph, a descriptive paragragh and a link to either your online ordering facility, or other contact (website address, active email button, one touch dial of your phone number etc). The site has three main categories - Design, Tastes and Living.

        Sample Apps